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Times & Bureaucracies of container arrival and release in Israel:
1 -
Date Of Arrival, Port Ashdod  means anytime within that date (24 hours) the ship will dock at Ashdod port.
     "Arrival at Port Ashdod" sometimes means that it lands at Port Chaifa, and is then transported to Port Ashdod by frieght train.
2 - Then container has to be unloaded, (anywhere from 5 hours to 2 days).
3 - If ship lands at Port Chaifa, container gets loaded onto freight train, (they usually wait till they fill up train, then it leaves for Port Ashdod - 4 hours to 2 days).
4 - Arrival in Port Ashdod, shipped to delegated warehouse, (a few hours) where it is then entered into computer, and customs broker can then start 'working' on it.
5 - Customes broker sends all documents to meches, and waits for an answer as to how meches would like to proceed. Meches' choices:
           a - free it immediately,
           b - spot check it, (they remove between 100-200 boxes, check most of them - if all OK, return them to the container & 'free' it)
           c - check most of the boxes
           d - x-ray container
      Any of the above can take between 1 to 5 business days to release the container.
6 - Container is released, transport to Yerushalayim is sought (depending on time of day of release, availability of truck, etc. (6 to 8 hours)


Receivers should call our hotline @ 054-686-8705 on April 6th after 5:00 PM for instructions

It is the responsibility of the RECEIVER to find out the pick-up date and time.

As of: Information
  To avoid local residents complaining, and to prevent us paying a hefty municipal fine for each box left on location, a gemach will pick up all boxes left over, at 9:30 PM, and it's theirs to keep.


Only customers with face masks & those
keeping social distancing will be processed.

Sun, April 4 Ah gut voch, ah gutten chametz and ah gezunten zummer.
They're starting early. Ship was supposed to dock in Chaifa on the 3rd, unload on the 4th, get to Ashdod on the 5th. Well. When I called this morning to get a progress report I was told: "The boat will first get in on the 8th! Didn't you hear about the blockage in the Suez Canal? That's what's messing up everything." Really, I reply. But our ship crossed the Atlantic, then the Mediterranean. Nowhere close to the Suez. Duh? No clear answer except that it's delayed. (Pretty much the same answer I get when I ask why there's a Corona Surcharge.) Stay Tuned!
Tues, April 6 Sorrry people - but no solid info yet. All I got was either it'll dock in Chaifa on Thurs or late next week. Too many ships waiting to get into port. And depends on who you ask. Stay tuned.
Wed, April 7 The only thing that they can tell me positively is that it's not coming this week. And MAYBE next. Still about 30 boats waiting in line to get into port. Did want it in during bein hazmanim, easier for all. Oh well.
Sun, April 11 Boat still waiting in line. I hope it'll be in this week. Stay tuned.
Tues, April 13 Got word today - looks like the container will be shipped to Ashdod anywhere between this Thursday and next Monday.
Wed, 14 Everything closed early today, will first reopen on Sun.
Location Alleyway behind Rechov Sorotzkin 7

Dear Valued Customers – Partners in Chessed,

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish one and all a Chag kasher v’sameach, with lots of nachas from your children, grandchildren and extended families. May we see the coming of the Geulah Sheleimah in this month of geulah.

Please accept my apologies if you had to wait on line for an extended amount of time, while I try to improve and upgrade my computer program (at great cost). It doesn’t always work out – and the only way to test the latest upgrade is with you. I owe the greatest thanks to you, my customers, who have offered suggestions and positive input. I note each one, and work on them with my programmers here in Israel. Some work out, but some don’t – either because of technical reasons or because it would add more time to process each customer.

Also, I must apologize to the eight people who waited (and waited) on line, only to be told that there was no more room on the container. I’d like to offer you some compensation. Please email me your name and your home and mobile numbers, and you will be allowed to skip the line at the next drop-off in Boro Park. You already know that I don’t usually allow this, but in this case I think it’s only fair, and hope everyone will understand.

Please be safe, stay healthy, and l’hitra’ot.

Maier Solomon

Sept 6 Container Unfortunately, we were caught with illegal contents in a few boxes. The nezek right now stands at a little over of $1,300.00. We were lucky to have a customs broker, who brokered a deal with the people in meches. (What saved us was showing them the contract everyone has to sign). Instead of confiscating the entire container and filing criminal charges against me, the seven boxes were removed and we paid 'only' the charge of destroying the contents, and their 'checking' costs, in addition to their administrative fees. Add to this the port fees at $120/day, and putting us on their 'to-be-checked' list! How does anyone have the chutzpa to endanger an entire lift? What heter does he have?
 As of this writing, (with our Rav's blessing) they are being sued in small claims court.
The situation could've spiralled to about $ 30,000.00!!! Plus the cost of a criminal lawyer.
Costumer # 1071 had six boxes of illegal items (shoes, slippers), and costumer #1020 one box (meds).

New  New    WhatsApp Service   New   New

To improve our service, we are starting a WhatsApp broadcast system to keep you informed of container drop-offs and/or pick-ups.

To join:       1 - Add Minchas Shlomo to your contact list, 2 – Use phone number +1-917-657-4200 (include the +),

3 – Send us a WhatsApp message stating that you wish to join and your customer number (if you know it). Specify if you are
  a -  SHIPPER (U.S.) or,   b-  RECEIVER (Israel). You cannot be in both groups.

PLEASE, DO NOT use this WhatsApp to contact us, ever. Anyone who does will be removed from our broadcast list and blocked.
If you need to communicate with us, please call or email.
This communication system works in ONE DIRECTION only.

We hope to better serve you with this new service.

  Estimated Future Container Drop-off dates (Boro Park): Sunday, May 23, July 4. Please check back.
Always subject to change. ALWAYS recheck 1-2 weeks before date.